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Estudiante de Tecnología en Cartografía, 4 semestre. Organizada y responsable

Nathalia Rodríguez Bermúdez

Address of residence: Calle xxB Bis # xxA-xx


Phone: 32094xxxxx

Studies: Course 4 semester of Technology in Cartography

               at the University of Cundinamarca

               2 Semesters of Civil Engineering at Santo Tomas University

               2 Semesters of Civil Engineering at the Universidad La Gran Colombia

Work Experience

Position: Merchant

Name of the company: The KIA Autoparts

Period worked: 11/2014 - 05/2015


Knowledge in GIS tools, such as ArcGis, Landsat, Open Street Map.


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My name is Nathalia Rodríguez Bermúdez, I was born on February 22, 1997, in Fusagasugá Cundinamarca. My parents are Juan Pablo Rodríguez and Sandra Bermúdez, I have a younger sister named Paola. I studied at the School of the Presentation and I graduated in 2013, after completing two semesters of Civil Engineering at Santo Tomás University, but I had to retire due to difficulties, six months later I continued with my studies at the Universidad La Gran Colombia, four semesters of Civil Engineering in total, I had a beautiful son on December 9, 2016, his name is Juan Martín Morales Rodríguez,which is why I organized my life in Fusagasugá and started to study Technology in Cartography at the University of Cundinamarca.